Child and Adolescent Inpatient


Patient Visitation Rules

Thank you for allowing Cypress Grove Behavioral Health to care for your child during this stressful time for you and your family. In an effort to provide emotional support to your child during the course of his or her treatment, Cypress Grove allows for visitation between you and your child during scheduled visitation times as follows:

Monday through Friday:
3 PM to 4 PM

Saturday and Sunday:
2 PM to 4 PM

We respectfully request that the following rules be followed during patient visits:

  1. An approved visitors list will be created by the patient’s guardian.
  2. Each patient will be limited to three visitors per patient at any given time.
  3. Visitors will enter through the front lobby of the Education building and must provide a photo ID to verify identity per the patients’ approved visitors list. LA Wallet is an acceptable form of ID.
  4. Prior to visiting the patient, each visitor must sign the Confidentiality/Surveillance Agreement.
  5. No purses, cell phones, or outside food/drink are allowed in the patient visitation area.
  6. Patients, family, and visitors are not allowed to take photographs at any time during visitation
  7. Visitors are prohibited from bring drugs into the facility. If a visitor is suspected of bringing drugs or passing them to a patient, the visitor will be asked to leave the facility immediately. If the visitor refuses to leave the facility, Law enforcement will be notified.
  8. The administration or charge nurse may restrict or prohibit a visitor if the safety of the patient or hospital is compromised. If treatment of the patient is affected by your behaviors during the visit, you may be asked to leave, or visitation time may be reduced.
  9. Please use this time to visit and support your child during their stay. Any questions related to treatment will be communicated to the appropriate staff and answered as soon as possible.

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