Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my child admitted to your facility?

The most efficient and timely manner is to bring your child to an Emergency Room where they will be evaluated by an ER Physician. If the Physician feels the situation warrants such, they will issue a PEC order for the patient. At that point, alert the Physician and the Nurse that your preference is your child be admitted to Cypress Grove Hospital in Bastrop or Ferriday Behavioral Hospital in Ferriday. The hospital should reach out to our intake to determine if we have an available bed. It is important to mention that you as the parent need to voice your opinion as to where you would prefer your child to be treated.


Where are you located?

Cypress Grove Behavioral Health hospital is located at 4673 Eugene Ware Blvd. in Bastrop Louisiana (about 20 minutes North of Monroe on US 165)

Ferriday Behavioral Health hospital is located at 1700 E.E. Wallace Blvd. North in Ferriday Louisiana (just across the river from Natchez MS).


Some of the online Google reviews sound bad. Can you tell me why?

Just about any Psychiatric facility in the country is not going to have many positive reviews. That said, we are an acute inpatient psychiatric facility and we treat children and adolescents, many of which are in very dangerous territory when they are admitted. No Psychiatric facility is necessarily a happy or enjoyable place, but we treat the acute nature of the problem that led the patient to us to begin with and continue to have success doing so.


How is Cypress Grove accredited?

Cypress Grove is both accredited and deemed by the Joint Commission.


Will there be family counseling sessions?

Family counseling sessions are held and usually focus on the patient’s immediate reason for hospitalization, patient safety after discharge, and after discharge follow up care arrangements.

Child and adolescent patients’ family counseling sessions are usually scheduled with the parent/legal guardian and are typically held one to two days after admission. Additional sessions may be held as needed.


What if the family lives far away from the hospital?

If the family is unable to be present, the family sessions can be conducted by speakerphone or by zoom meeting at a scheduled time.


How do I get information about my child?

The parent or legal guardian authorizes the release of any information. In cases of divorce or separation, both parents have the right to information about a child’s treatment unless a court has formally terminated parental rights. Parents or the custodial parent will be given a special code that must be used when calling the facility to inquire about the child.


Will my child be able to call me?

We have parent phone calls each night after dinner in which each child can make a phone call to their parent(s).


When are staff available to discuss my child?

Much of the communication regarding your child will be relayed through his assigned counselor/therapist. If you have a specific question, please feel free to call the main phone number and ask for the department you need (Nursing, Therapy, etc) and/or you can use the online contact tab and email your question to the appropriate department. Please note that when you call, we may not be able to take your call immediately as our Nurses and Therapists are dealing with multiple patients; however, we will get back to you as quickly as we can when time permits. Many times emails are the most time effective ways to communicate - especially after hours or on weekends and holidays. Please keep in mind the facility may not speak with you every day. Generally, that means your child is adjusting well with no significant issues.


What type of food will my child have while at the facility?

Cypress Grove has a Department of Health inspected full cafeteria that provides 3 meals per day plus snacks to our patients under the direction of the guidelines of our certified dietician. If your child is diabetic, or has some other food allergy, it should be noted on the intake form coming from the Emergency Room, but parents are encouraged to let us know if there are any allergies regarding food (peanuts, sugar, etc.).


What type of recreational activities are available?

Cypress Grove has the only free-standing gymnasium dedicated to child and adolescent patients in Louisiana. Basketball, volleyball, board games, and other indoor activities are available, and we also have an outdoor basketball goal, soccer goals, sand volleyball court and a walking track that patients can utilize.


What arrangements are made for follow up care when a patient leaves the hospital?

Our Discharge Planning staff makes every effort to arrange and schedule follow up care with the patient’s existing care providers in their home region. When a patient has no existing providers, Discharge Planning assists with arranging follow-up mental health treatment and medication management.


What if a patient is coming from out of state?

Cypress Grove Behavioral Health Hospital is located in Bastrop and Ferriday Behavioral Health Hospital is located in Ferriday. As both facilities are located in Louisiana, all patients are subject to Louisiana Mental Health Laws.


My child was sent to the hospital from another part of the state. Does the hospital provide transportation for them to come home?

The hospital does not generally provide transportation. When situations occur making it impossible for the family to pick up the patient at the time of discharge, we do assist the patient and their family in arranging transportation through available resources such as the State Medicaid transport office. We also provide information on bus and local cab services available to the patient and their family.


Why is my family member being discharged so soon?

Both Cypress Grove and Ferriday Behavioral Health Hospitals are acute care (short term) facilities. We will make every effort to provide appropriate crisis stabilization and discharge patients to outpatient treatment as soon as our providers have confidence that the stabilization of that patient has occurred.


What does FVA stand for?

Formal Voluntary Admission


What does PEC stand for?

Physicians Emergency Certificate. This is a 72 hour legally binding document.


What does CEC stand for?

Coroner's Emergency Certificate


What is the time difference between a PEC and a CEC ?

A PEC is valid for 72 hours. A CEC can be applicable for up to 15 days (Louisiana Legislature RS 28:53, 2011). A physician can release them sooner if their condition improves and they are no longer considered at risk and are stabilized.

The law allows the coroner physician (an appointed representative of the State of Louisiana) up to 72 hours from when the patient was admitted completing an independent examination. This may require the patient to be held beyond 72 hours from the time the PEC was completed.


Will my child continue their school education while hospitalized?

We do offer educational and therapeutic sessions each day that focus on conflict resolution techniques, coping mechanisms, art and journal therapy among others. We don’t specifically conduct school as such, but if parents would like to go by their child’s school and get any academic assignments, we will be happy to provide that to your child.


What people will be treating my child?

Cypress Grove and Ferriday Behavioral Health has a dedicated staff of professionals to treat children and adolescents under the direction of our Clinical Director and Chief Psychiatrist who directs the individualized treatment plan of each patient. Our Clinical Director is assisted by Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, licensed therapists and counselors, Behavioral Health Technicians and educators. Our Medical Director directs a team of Family Nurse Practitioners that treat any medical issues that arise.

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